Sandra van Diemen

Adventure time!

We are near the end of december. Shorter days. Almost no cycling. Running. The gym.
For me cycling is a way to clear my mind. To Relax. To reload the batteries.

It has been a really hectic time. Everything is going great, but I was having a general feeling that I was full. I couldnt think about anything extra, anything new.
So it was time to reload the batteries.
Time to go on an adventure!

Run Baby Run!

Sometimes you lack a bit of running motivation.
What better way to get out of a running funk than setting some simple subgoals.
Setting up a rewardsystem.
It is time to get out of hibernation.


And a little sidenote. Last friday I passed the certification for het oranje kruis.
When participating in sports quite a lot, it's useful to be educated on what do when something happens.
What to do with your emergency kit. Etc. More about that you can read here.

4 mijl 2017

Monstertijdrit 2017

The monstertijdrit. An event that I will participate in for years to come.
The end of the season. The start of winter.

This year I tried something somewhat new. Set a goal and plan how you will accomplish this. After the TTDrenthe500 I had 6 weeks till this time trial in Almere.
I only trained on the TT-bike. Didn't do any running. Had A LOT of fun. And actually planned my food and drink intake.
A strategy with a plan A and B. The gameplan on raceday: slow down.

It was something totally different than a TT Drenthe 500, but just as much fun. The start was in the mist, but this cleared up in the second round. I finished in 4:14 over 138km's. Which means an average pace of 32,6. I am totally satisfied and can happily look back on a great day.
To read the full story, click here.