Sandra van Diemen


Been a while, done a lot.
A couple of years ago I bought an actioncamera and since then have been filming/vlogging.
The finest moments you can find here (instagram and youtube):
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Through the years I've done some exploring, mostly by bike. This started with an easy discovery of cycling around the Netherlands in 2010. This evolved into a real cycling holiday around the Groene Valleienroute in 2012. Following a route by the book. In 2014 I wanted to do something else. I created my own route, starting from home, through Germany, upwards into Denmark and ending in Copenhagen. I have a lot of notes on paper, just need to (still) blog them out.
Eventually my love for England shined through. In 2016 I cycled horizontally across England. From Harwich to Lands End. This was the first journey I really blogged about.
Next to these big summerholidays I also went to Slovenie and Lanzarote.
You can find all of my stories here:
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Ilumen Bilzen 111

At the end of march I started my season with a time trial. It was the start of training towards the Ilumen Bilzen 111. A triathlon with a very extensive bikeleg.
It doesnt happen a lot, but I was really wondering if I could make it. Training went well and I felt quite confident.
It was a great event, not without struggle though. I had a flat tire after 30k and no pump in my backpocket. Quite some time later I got back on the bike and was chasing really everybody else. You can read all about that here

Tijdrit Almere 31-03-2018

A new dawn a new day. Or a new season, a fresh start.
The preparation for this timetrial wasnt optimal (flu). In the end it didnt matter. I had a great day and even a good time :).
You can read about it here

Natuurijs 04-03-2018

The last couple of weeks the Netherlands were taken over by the Syberian bear.
This bear brought us freezing temperatures and eventually frozen lakes and land.
I had a great time iceskating with my dad and conquering the Paterswoldsemeer.
You can find a bit about that here